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                         Aromatherapy Balm Application


   Bee Calm Stress Relief Salve

     Bee Calm works aromatically, by applying the product under the nostrils and on the temples, and breathing in the essential oil top notes designed to calm nerves, and promote relaxation and sleep.
      The salve also works transdermally, on headache and migraine, delivering botanical infusions providing natural pain relief, when the salve is applied to the area of pain.  Allow several minutes for the balm to take effect.

Bee Focused Study Balm

     Bee Focused contains essential oils which when applied under the nostrils and on the temples, combine aromatically to improve clarity and concentration, create a meditative focus, relieve mental fatigue, energize your mind, and lift your mood. 

     For a feeling of well being, apply additionally on the forehead for transdermal delivery of a relaxing infusion of chamomile, lavender, and white willow bark.

Breathe Clearly Respiratory Balm

     Breathe Clearly provides rapid relief from chest and sinus congestion as a result of colds and allergies, as well as assisting in the relaxation of breathing due to respiratory difficulties.

Working aromatically, the balm provides a long lasting gradual release of vapors to relax breathing. and open airways.  Transdermally, the ready absorbtion of potent therapeutic essential oils,and infused oils, provide soothing comfort and penetrating warmth, as well as gentle, effective decongestion. 

      Best results are achieved by applying  under the nostrils and on the temples (aromatic), as well as areas of congestion, or constriction such as the sinuses, chest, and neck (transdermal).