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Deep Tissue Pain Relief Formula 

     Deep Tissue Pain Relief  Formula is best used by first targeting what is often the source of nerve compression and muscle tension- areas such as the vertebrae, sacrum, hips, and pelvic areas.  By relaxing muscles and restoring blood flow around these crucial areas, general nerve pain such as sciatica, as well as neuropathy, muscle cramps and strain, injured ligaments can be addressed. As all of our pain balms, the relief is almost immediate as the therapeutic essential  and infused oils enter the body transdermally.  Also effective on symptoms of fibromyalgia and plantar fasciatis.

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     Deep Tissue Pain Relief may also be used to impact the body more deeply when applied on acupressure points to stimulate energy flow along the meridians related to specific organs.

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Herbal Joint Balm

     Herbal Joint Balm provides immediate, soothing, and continuous relief from inflammatory pain in the joints and /or as a result of loss of cartilage, for chronic conditions such as bursitis and arthritis, for inflammation as a result of lyme disease, as well as persistent pain on areas of injury and surgery due to scar tissue/adhesions.  This balm works most efficiently when simply applied on and around the area of pain, allowing the potent therapeutic essential  and infused oils to swiftly enter the body transdermally. 

     Although the effects of Herbal Joint Balm are felt almost immediately, you will find that you do not have to apply the product more than 1-2 times a day as the powerful infusions will be circulating in the blood stream and creating pain relief  throughout the day  and  night. 

Bee Active Sports Balm

     Bee Active Sports Balm prevents, relieves, and reduces swelling and bruising after strenuous exercise, overexertion, physical trauma, and  muscle strain.  The arnica based product significantly assists and speeds up the healing process, especially when applied to bruising and swelling.  Simply apply to the area of pain and bruising/swelling twice a day.  

     Bee Active is  also gentle enough to be used on the face cosmetically for reducing under eye shadows.