Therapeutic Pain Relief Balms and Salves

Deep Tissue Pain Relief's unique formula works quickly and efficiently to  increase circulation and relax muscles to provide long lasting pain relief from deep tissue pain, muscle cramps, nerve pain, ligament and tendon injuries, and muscle aches and strain. Also effective in relieving symptoms of sciatica, neuropathy, charlie horse cramps, disc issues, nerve compressions, and fibromyalgia.  Best used by first applying to the vertebrae and following  down muscle and nerve pain. (See Instructions for Most Efficient Application)

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      Herbal Joint Balm is a potent combination of organic botanicals and therapeutic essential oils which concentrate on reducing inflammation, liver detoxification,  and providing soothing and long lasting relief of muscle ache and joint pain.  Particularly effective on pain which stems from arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions such as bursitis, joint pain, tendonitis, and inflammatory pain as a result of  adhesions or scar tissue from old injury and/or surgerical procedures. Best used by directly applying on and around the area of pain.

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     Bee Active Sport Balm prevents, relieves, and reduces swelling and bruising after strenuous exercise, overexertion, physical trauma, or strains,  This arnica and blue chamomile based product significantly reduces recovery from bruising but is also gentle enough to be used cosmetically for reducing dark circles under the eyes.

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